Following the government requirement that Biddick Hall Infant and Nursery school will be open from Monday 23rd March 2020 to some children. This page has been set up as a way of communicating with parents/carers whose children will be coming into school. Note: Their place in school must have been agreed by Mrs Willis.

While in and around the school you and your child must follow the rules below to maintain social distancing advice, minimise contact and potential spread of the virus.

Rules for Parents

  • Your child should come to school, each day,  in a set of newly washed clothes.


  • Children cannot bring items from home into school.


  • When dropping off, parents must leave their children at the walking zone.  Parents are not permitted to enter the walking zone.


  • When picking up, you must wait in front of the walking zone.


  • When waiting to drop off or pick up your child, you should maintain a safe distance from the other parents and children.


  • Staff will greet and dismiss the children from the door, staff are also not permitted to enter the walking zone at these times.


  • If you need to speak to a member of staff, you will be directed to the office where the staff member will speak to you from behind the glass fronted desk.


  • You must encourage your child to not have physical contact with each other and the staff i.e. say to them you can’t cuddle your friends or the teachers.



  • When your child is not in school, you must do your utmost to follow the government’s guidance on social distancing and limit your child’s social contact.



Rules for Children


  • Children must wash their hands regularly (staff will set regular hand washing times, as well as when it is necessary)


  • Children will be encouraged to work and play within a safe distance of each other.


  • Children should not, where possible, have physical contact with each other or the staff.


  • Children must not shake or hold hands with children or staff.


  • Children must work at their allocated table and sit in their allocated spot.


  • Children must not touch glass or metal objects or surfaces.

Rest assured staff will also be following a set of strict rules in order to keep themselves and your child as safe as possible when attending school.