Hello and welcome to the History and Geography page!

For children in Nursery and Reception

There are a number of resources to support history and geography on ‘espresso’ . Click here to find the espresso log in page. Now click on -‘Foundation’ and then -‘Understanding the world’ there are a wealth of videos and activities to support children’s learning particularly in Geography. Why not explore the videos and activities in:

Journey to the coast’ -You can talk with your child about how South Shields is a coastal town, It’s by the sea. Take a walk there and look for coastal features.

‘Visit to the park’ -Watch the videos and complete the activities. Discuss where your nearest park is, take a walk there.

‘Homes’ -watch the videos and complete the activities. Look at your own home, can you draw it or the rooms in it?

‘Open a door’ -Allows you to explore different countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, England and Tanzania.

‘Weather’ -The seasons and our weather are very important in our early years curriculum. Explore the resources in this section and talk about the weather. What season is it? What is the weather like? What sorts of clothing do we need to wear for different kinds of weather?

For Children in KS1 -Years 1 and 2.

Again a wealth of resources can be found on ‘espresso’. Click here to log in. Click on KS1 and then find the History/Geography tab.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have put together a range of ‘lessons for history and Geography.

Click here to follow the link to the KS1 history lessons.

Click here to follow the link to the KS1 Geography lessons.

Where we live

Don’t forget there is a wealth of History and Geography that can be found and discussed in our local area.

On your daily walk look around you, what can you see? Remember places such as houses, shops and the roads are ‘human’ features (Built/put there by people). Areas such as ‘the burn’ or if you go further,  the ‘beach’ or ‘cliffs’ these are ‘Physical’ features or made by nature. With your grown up, take a walk by the coast, how is it different to where you live? The river is also another great place to go for a walk, it’s a physical feature but us humans have found it to be very useful, why not investigate how?

South Shields is steeped in local history. Romans settled here in the very distant past. Arbeia fort is a Roman fort in our local area, you could take a short drive to Arbeia and have a walk around the perimeter (You wont be able to go in at the moment but you’ll be able to see many parts from outside of the gates), it’s also in a great location for exploring the coast and river as part of geography. Click here to visit the Arbeia Fort Website.

If you visit a park such as ‘The West Park’ you might come across a ‘War Memorial’. Remember, in the Autumn term some of us went there to pay our respects for remembrance day? We also did some learning about the World Wars in KS1. Maybe you could share what you learned about World War 1 for Year 1 and World War 2 for year 2 with your grown up?