White Rose Maths

‘White Rose Maths’ have put together some great resources for home learning in maths. They offer resources from ‘Early Years’ to Year 10. They include worksheets and accompanying videos. Many of the activities for Early Years are based around stories. If you don’t have a copy of the book, try searching for it on YouTube. We have put some of the activities from this website in your home learning pack but if you would like more click here to follow the link to the White Rose website. If you don’t have access to a printer children can write most of the problems on paper.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize are offering daily lessons in all subjects. Click here to follow the link to the maths page. There are videos to watch and activities linked to the learning. Click here to follow the link for year 1. Click here to follow the link for Year 2.

Top Marks Education

Top Marks offer a wealth of interactive games for practising maths skills click here to be taken to the home page. Select your child’s age and the area of maths you’d like to work on. Have fun!




BBC Bitesize also offer computing lessons with links to computing games to supplement children’s learning. Click here for the link to the Year 1 lesson on coding. Click here for the link to the Year 2 lesson on coding.

If your child has enjoyed coding then visit the hour of code. Where children can complete their own code on a series of fun tasks. Click here for the ‘angry birds’ hour of code.

Don’t forget that espresso and purple mash offer a range of videos and interactive activities for all areas of the curriculum.

Click here for purple mash.

Click here for espresso.