Last Thursday our year 2 classes had a great visit to Beamish. We went there as part of history week where we were learning about changes in transport over time and influential people such as the ‘Wright brothers’ who invented the motorised plane. It flew for the first time on December 17th 1903. Without inventors like the ‘wright brothers’ we wouldn’t be able to travel as far or as fast as we do today.

Beamish houses a variety of different types of transport form the early 1900s and beyond. We has a brilliant time finding out about the ‘Penny Farthing’ bike. We learned that it got its name as the large ‘front wheel’ resembled the size of a 1900s ‘penny’ while smaller back wheel resembled the 1900s ‘farthing’. It was very tall and would have been difficult and uncomfortable to ride.

We rode the tram around the museum, they’re very beautiful inside, though the seats were wooden and rather hard. Children even got the chance to be ‘conductor’ ringing the bell to signal we were ready for the off!

We were fascinated by the large ‘limousine’ style car, the horn was really hard to press and made a funny noise. We could fit lots of people in the back!

Children took a ride on an old bus. The seats went down the sides of the bus rather than one in front of the other like we have today. We even stopped off to visit the horses who pulled carriages, another interesting form of early transport.

We visited the 1900s school and found the teacher very strict! She told us to sit up straight and write on slate boards. We also couldn’t resist picking up a little treat from the sweet shop in the 1900s town. What a great day had by all!